What is the Alabama Conservation Enforcement Officers Association (ACEOA)?

We are a nonprofit 501C(3) organization founded by conservation officers. Although we are not affiliated with any state agency, many of our goals and activities seek to support the mission of the Alabama Department of Conservation and it’s law enforcement officers.



  • Funds numerous local events aimed at fostering healthy outdoor activities. These include youth hunting and fishing derbies, organized hunts for women, veterans and disabled persons and other similar activities.

  •  Awards educational scholarships with an emphasis on students pursuing careers in professional resource conservation.

  • Supports the Alabama Department of Conservation mission with a primary focus on law enforcement programs and educational outreach activities. This includes limited equipment purchases that the department may be unable to afford.

  • Provides support to families of conservation employees during financial hardships caused by injuries or death.



New ACEOA Video !  Beyond the Basics

ACEOA Beyond the Basics of Conservation Law Enforcement from Darin Clifton on Vimeo.



 For more information about the ACEOA please contact:

Kevin Dodd

PO Box 681748
Prattville, AL 36068
(334) 425-0980



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