Officer Honors

The officers below were recently honored by the corresponding organizations for performance that merits special recognition. Congratulations to these deserving officers!

Officers Phillip Hart and Monique Ard – 2017 Alabama Marine Resources Officer of the Year
While on a routine vessel patrol in the Gulf of Mexico during the summer of 2017, Marine Resources Conservation Officers Phillip Hart and Monique Ard witnessed a boating accident where one boat ran over another. Six people were thrown into the water and their boat sank. Acting quickly, Officers Ard and Hart recovered the victims from the water and arranged for medical assistance to meet onshore. They escorted the other vessel to shore as it was taking on water. Their quick response allowed everyone involved to make it home alive.
Sergeant Clay Miller – 2017 Alabama Wildlife Federation Conservation Officer of the Year
No Photo Available Sergeant Miller is assigned to the Montgomery Administrative office and is a resourceful and skilled investigator routinely assigned to long term, complex cases statewide. These cases often prove beyond local uniform officer time constraints. He has been instrumental in the effective prosecutions of illegal bear hunting and the illegal spread of exotic invasive organisms.
Sergeant Wendell Fulks – 2017 Mississippi Flyway Council Officer of the Year nominee for Alabama
Sergeant Fulks is assigned to Limestone county and manages a constant presence to maintain compliance with rules among waterfowl hunters. His coordination of organized waterfowl hunting details has effectively countered violations in several counties along the Tennessee Valley. He was involved in 31 cases of illegal waterfowl hunting during 2016-17 season. He projects a positive and professional image to the public and serves as an example to coworkers.
CEO Senior Scott Kellenberger – 2017 Alabama Conservation Enforcement Officer Association Officer of the Year Award
Officer Kellenberger is assigned to Jackson county widely recognized among officers as the patient and effective communicator, who as a trainer, has advanced professional standards for officers and their respective programs. His sacrifice of personal time for the ACEOA stands as testimony to his dedication.
CEO Senior Kevin Kirby – 2017 Shikar Safari Club International Conservation Officer of the Year Award
Officer Kevin Kirby is assigned to Marshall county, has a keen interest in the protection of our state’s natural resources and participates in numerous outreach programs. He is vigilant in the enforcement of conservation laws and regulations, serves in an exemplary manner and is respected by his peers and the Tennessee Valley community.
CEO Senior Brad Hasamear – 2017 Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Officer of the Year Award nominee for Alabama
Officer Hasamear is assigned to Laurence county which has witnessed dramatic increases in illegal hunting. Despite his short tenure and being the only officer assigned to the county, Officer Hasamear managed his work time in effectively targeting areas of illegal activity. His maturity, work ethic, and good judgement has served him well. Officer Hasamear routinely holds a high case load and made 55 night hunting related cases during 2016-17. These cases resulted in $22,000 in fines and costs.
CEO Senior Jeff Shaw – 2017 Alabama Chapter National Wild Turkey Federation Officer of the Year Award nominee for Alabama
Officer Shaw is assigned to Sumter county and is active in conservation education in nearby schools and outdoor venues. He is diligent in performance of his duties having recently made numerous arrests for illegal turkey hunting. His proactive efforts prevented the intentional release of pen raised turkeys into the wild by a commercial hunting lodge. His personal desire to “make a difference” is evident with those he contacts.