Officer Honors

The officers below were recently honored by the corresponding organizations for performance that merits special recognition. Congratulations to these deserving officers!

Senior Conservation Enforcement Officer Kyle “Bull” Rabren – 2017 Law Enforcement Officer of the Year for The Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council
Rabren, assigned to Baldwin County, is a 3-year veteran of the Alabama Marine Resources Division. During 2017, he conducted 810 hours of patrol on federal fisheries enforcement, participated in 817 vessel boardings, intercepting nearly 3,000 commercial and recreational anglers, and assisted in 107 state and federal citations or cases. Notably, he participated in cases involving multiple commercial fishing violations over the limit of large coastal sharks. In one interception, Officer Rabren seized 88 sharks totaling 2,733 pounds. In a subsequent violation by the same fisherman, charges resulted in $2,700 in fines and forfeiture of boat, nets, and equipment. Officer Rabren also identified an unpermitted charter vessel operating in federal waters, and found numerous vessels in violation of season or possession limits of snapper.
Officers Phillip Hart and Monique Ard – 2017 Alabama Marine Resources Officer of the Year
While on a routine vessel patrol in the Gulf of Mexico during the summer of 2017, Marine Resources Conservation Officers Phillip Hart and Monique Ard witnessed a boating accident where one boat ran over another. Six people were thrown into the water and their boat sank. Acting quickly, Officers Ard and Hart recovered the victims from the water and arranged for medical assistance to meet onshore. They escorted the other vessel to shore as it was taking on water. Their quick response allowed everyone involved to make it home alive.
Officer Micky Tait – 2018 Alabama Wildlife Federation Officer of the Year
Officer Tait, assigned to Wilcox county, responded to a report of a fatal hunting accident. Tait was quick to realize that evidence at the scene didn’t support the facts as they were reported. He immediately secured the scene and called for investigators. His quick actions resulted in arrests of individuals for murder.
Officer Alan Roach – 2018 Alabama Wildlife Federation Fisheries Conservationist of the Year
Sergeant Roach , assigned to Dallas County, demonstrates the importance of diligent observation in patrol. During the spring of 2017, he witnessed suspicious activity which led him to organize a large scale covert observation detail of commercial fishermen in 2018. The detail confirmed his earlier suspicions with arrests for widespread violations and resulted in the closure of further paddlefish seasons.
Sergeant Wendell Fulks – 2017 Mississippi Flyway Council Officer of the Year nominee for Alabama
Sergeant Fulks is assigned to Limestone county and manages a constant presence to maintain compliance with rules among waterfowl hunters. His coordination of organized waterfowl hunting details has effectively countered violations in several counties along the Tennessee Valley. He was involved in 31 cases of illegal waterfowl hunting during 2016-17 season. He projects a positive and professional image to the public and serves as an example to coworkers.
Officer Dwight Thrasher – 2018 Alabama Conservation Enforcement Officer Association Officer of the Year Award
Officer Thrasher, assigned to Greene county, has proven an effective deterrent to violators in his area. His record of contacts show a balanced variety of arrests and warnings with a particular focus on turkey poachers. He has voluntarily served in the DCNR Honor Guard bringing dignity to the surviving families of officers who have died.
CEO Jason Basset – 2018 Shikar Safari Club International Conservation Enforcement Officer of the Year Award
Jason Bassett serves in St Clair county where he is a recognized and highly respected member of the community. His continuing efforts in safeguarding natural resources and the public have earned admiration from his peers and public.
Officer Vance Wood – 2018 Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Officer of the Year
Officer Wood, assigned to Montgomery county, continues to provide necessary training to DCNR personnel in several venues. Additionally, he fosters interagency relations through regular instruction at Alabama’s APOST academies. His volunteer work as ACEOA Facebook editor serves to support DCNR law enforcement programs through positive, productive postings. He is widely recognized and appreciated by landowners, hunters and anglers throughout his assigned area.
CEO Jody Yancey – 2018 National Wild Turkey Federation Alabama Officer of the Year
Officer Yancey is assigned to Cherokee county where he has established himself as a bane to turkey poachers . His intense personal interest in turkey hunting obviously serves his pursuit of violators well.